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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 11

1 a Because the captiuitie of Bablyon was a figure of the spiritual captiuitie vnder sinne, he sheweth that our true deliuerance must comeby Christ for as Dauid came out of Ishai a man with out dignitie: so Christ shulde come of a poore carpenters house as out of a dead stocke, Chap. 53,2.

4 b All these properties can agre to none but onely vnto Christ: for it is he that toucheth the heartes of the faithful and mortifieth their concupisences: & to the wicked he is the sauour of death & to them that shal perish: so that all the worlde shalbe smitten with this rodde, which is his worde.

6 c Men because of their wicked affections are named by the names of beasts, wherein the like affections reigne: but Christ by his Spirit shal reforme them, & worke in them suche mutual charitie, that they shal be like lambes, fauoring & louing one another, and cast of all their cruel affections, Chap. 65, 25.

9 d It shalbe in as great abundance as the waters in the sea.

10 e He prophecieth of the calling of the Gentiles.

10 f That is, his Church which he also calleth his rest, Psal. 132,14.

11 g For God first deliuered his people out of Egypt, and now promiseth to deliuer them out of their enemies hands, as from the Parthians, Persians, Chaldeans, & them of Antriochia, among whome thei where dispersed: & this is chiefly ment of Christ, who calleth his people, being dispersed through all the worlde.

13 h Here he describeth the consent that shalbe in his Church, and their victorie against their enemies.

15 k To wit, Nilus, the great riuer of Egypt, which entreth into the sea with seuen streames.

15 i Meaning, a corver of the sea, that entereth into the land, and hathe the forme of a tongue.