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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 3

1 a Because thei trusted their abundance & prospertie, he sheweth that thei shulde be taken from them.

2 ! For the sinne of the people God wil take away the wisemen, and giue them foolish princes.

3 c By these he meaneth that God wolde take away euerie thing that was in any estimacion, and wherein they had anie occasion to vante them selves.

4 d Not onely in age, but in wit, maners knowledge & strength.

6 f He sheweth that this plague shalbe so horrible, that contarie to the commune maner of men, which by nature are ambitous, none shalbe founde able or willing to be their gouernour.

7 g Feare shal rather cause him to forsweare him self then to take suche a dangerous charge vpon him.

9 h When God shal examine their dedes, whereupon thei now set an impudent face, he shal find the marke of their inpietie in their forehead.

10 i Be ye that are godlie assured that God wil defend you in the middes of these troubles.

12 k Because the wicked people were more adddicte to their princes, then to the commandements of God, he sheweth that he wolde giue them suche princes, by whome thei shulde haue no helpe, but that shulde be manifest tokens of his wrath because they shulde be foles & effeminate.

14 l Meaning, that the rulers and gouernours had destroyed his Church & not preserved it, according to their dutie.

15 m That is, ye shewe all crueltie against them.

16 n He menaceth the people, because of the arrogancie and pride of their women, which gaue them sleues to all wontonnes & dissolution.

16 r Thei delited them in slippers that did creake, or had litle plates sowed vpon them, which tynckled as they went.

16 q Which shewed their wnatonnes.

16 ! The pride of the women.

16 p As a signe, that they were not chaste.

16 o Which declared their pride.

25 t Meaning, that God wil not onely punish the women, but their housbandes, which haue suffred this dissolutenes, and also the communeweale, which hath not remedied it.

26 s In rehearsing all these things particularly, he sheweth the lightnes & vanitie of suche as can not be content with comelie apparel according their degre.