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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 2

2 c When the kingdome of Christ shalbe enlarged by the preaching of the doctrine. Here also is declared the zeale of the children of God, when they are called.

2 b In an euident place to be sene and discerned.

2 a The decre and ordinance of God, touching the restauracion of the Church, which is chiefly ment of the time of Chirst.

2 ! The Church shalbe restored by Christ, and the Gentiles called.

3 d Alluding to mount Zion, where the visible Church then was.

3 e Meaning, the whole doctrine of salvacion.

3 f This was accomplished, when the Gospel was First preached in Jerusalem, and from thence went through all the worlde.

4 g The Lord, which is Christ, shal haue all power giuen him.

4 h That they may acknowledge their sinnes, & turne to him.

4 i He sheweth the frute of the peace, which the Gospel shulde bring: to wit, that men shulde do good one to another, where as before they were enemies.

4 k He speaketh not against the vse of weaponsand lawful warre, but sheweth how the hearts of the godlie shalbe affected one toward another: which peace and loue doeth beginne and growe in this life, but shal be perfited, when we are joyned with our head Christ Jesus.

5 l Seing the Gentiles wil be so readie, make you haste and shewe them the way to worship God.

6 m The Prophet seing the smale hope, that the Jewes wolde convert, complaineth to God, as thogh he had vtterly forsaken them for their sinnes.

6 n Ful of the corruptions that reigned chiefly in the East partes.

6 ! The punishement of the rebellious & obstinate.

6 o They altogether giue them selves to the facions of other nacions.

7 p The Prophet first condemned their supersticion and idolatrie: next their couetousnes, and thirdly, their vaine trust in worldelie meanes.

9 q He noteth the nature of the idolaters, which are neuer satisfied in their supersticions.

9 r Thus the Prophet spake, but inflamed with the zeale of Gods glorie, & that he might feare them with Gods judgement.

11 s Meaning, as sone as God shal begin to execute his judgements.

14 t By high trees & mountaines are ment them that are proude, and loftie, and thinke them selves moste strong in this worlde.

16 u He condemneth their vaine confidence, which they had in strong holdes, & in their riche marchandise, which broght in vaine pleasures, wherewith mens mindes became effeminate.

20 x They shal cast them into moste vile and filthie places, when thei perceiue that they are not able to helpe them.

22 y Cast of your vaine confidence of man, whose life is so fraile, that if his nose be stopped, he is dead, & consider that you haue to do with God.