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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 1

1 a That is, a reuelation or prophecie, which was one of the two meanes, whereby God declared him selfe to his servants in olde time, as {Nom. 12,6}: & therefore the Prophetes were called Seers, {1Sam. 9,9}.

1 c Called also Azariah {2 King 15,1} of these Kings read {2 King. from Chap. 14 vnto Chap. 21 and 2 Chro. from Chap. 25 vnto Chap. 33}.

1 b Isaiah was chiefly sent to Judah, and Jerusalem, but not onely: for in this boke are prophecies concerning other nations also.

2 d Because men were obstinate and insensible he calleth to the dumme creatures, which were more prompte to obey Gods worde, as {Deu. 32,1}.

2 e He declareth his great mercie towarde the Jewes, for asmuche as he chose them aboue all other nations to be his people & children, as {Deu. 10,15}.

2 ! Isaiah reproueth the Jewes of their ingratitude and stubbernes, that nether for benefites nor punishments wolde amend.

3 f The moste brute and dul beasts do more acknowledg their masters, then my people do toward me, of whome thei haue receiued benefits without comparison.

4 g Thei were not onely wicked, as were their fathers, but vtterly corrupt, and by their euil example infected others.

4 h That is, him that sanctifieth Israel.

5 i What auaileth it to seke to amend you by punishment, seing the more I correct you, the more ye rebell?

5 k By naming the chief partes of the bodie, he signifieth, that there was no parte of the whole bodie of the Jewes fre from his roddes.

6 m Their plagues were so grieuous that they were incurable, and yet they wolde no repent.

6 l Euerie parte of the bodie, aswel the least as the chiefest was plagued.

7 n Meaning, of them, that dwell farre of, which because they loke for no advantage of that, which remaineth, destroye all before them.

9 p Because that he wil euer haue a Church to call vpon his Name.

10 r Ye that for your vices deserved all to be destroyed as they of Sodom, saue that God of his mercie reserved a litle nomber, {Lam. 3,22}.

11 ! He sheweth why their sacrifices are rejected and wherein Gods true service standeth.

11 s Althogh God commanded these people had not faith nor repentance, God detesteth them, {Psal. 50,14. jer. 6,20. amos 5,21. mich. 6,7}.

14 u Your sacrifices offred in the new moones & feastes: he condemneth hereby hypocrites, which thinke to please God with ceremonies, & they them sleues are voide of faith and mercie.

15 x He sheweth that where men be giuen to auarice, deceit, crueltie & extorsion, which is ment by blood, there God wil shew his angre, and not accept them, thogh they seme neuer so holy, as {Chap. 59,3 ].

16 y By this outwarde washing he meaneth the spiritual: exhorting the Jewes to repent & amend their liues.

17 z This kinde of reasoning by the seconde table, the Scriptures vse in manie places against the hypocrites, who pretend moste holines & religion in worde, but when their charitie & loue toward their brethren shuld appeare, thei declare that thei haue nether faith nor religion.

18 b Lest sinners shulde pretend anie rigour on Gods parte, he onely willeth them to be pure in heart, & he wil forgiue all their sinnes, were thei neuer so manie or great.

18 a To know if I do accuse you without cause.

19 c He sheweth that whatsoeuer adversitie man indureth, it oght to be attributed to his owne incredulitie and disobedience.

21 d That is, Jerusalem, which had promised fidelitie vnto me, as a wife to her housband.

21 e Euen to couetousnes and extorcion, which he signified before by blood, {vers. 15}.

22 f Whatsoeuer was pure in thee before, is now corrupt, thogh thou haue an outward shewe.

23 g That, is, they mainteine the wicked & the extorcioners, & not onely do not punish them, but are them selves suche.

24 ! He prophecieth of the destruction of Jerusalem.

24 h When God wil shewe him self merciful to his Church, he calleth him self, The holie one of Israel: but when he hathe to do with his enemies, he is called Mightie, as against whome no power is able to resist.

24 i I wil take vengeance of mine adversaries the Jewes, and so satisfie my desire by punishing them. Which thing yet he doeth with a grief because of his couenant.

25 k Lest the faithful among them shulde be ouercome with this threatning, he addeth this consolacion.

26 l It is onely the worke of God to purifie the heart of man, which thing he doeth because of his promes, made concerning the salvacion of his Church.

27 m By justice is meant Gods faithful promes, which is the cause of the deliuerance of his Church.

28 n The wicked shal not be partakers of Gods promes, {Psal. 9:29}.

29 o That is, the trees & pleasant places, where ye commit idolatrie, which was forbidden, {Deut.16,22}.

31 p The false god, wherein ye put your confidence, shal be consumed as easely , as a piece of towe.