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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Song of Solomon 5

1 a The garden signifieth the kingdome of Christ where he prepareth the banket for his elect.

1 ! Christ calleth his Churche to the participation of all his treasures.

2 c Declaring the long pacience of the Lord toward sinners.

2 b The spouse satih that she is troubled with the cares of the worldly things, which is ment by sleping.

2 ! She heareth his voyce.

3 d The spouse confesseth her nakednes, and that of her self she hathe nothing: or seing that she is once made cleane, she promiseth not to defile her self againe.

5 e The spouse which shulde be anointed of Christ, shal not finde him if she thinke to anoint him with her good workes.

7 f These are the false teachers, which wounde the conscience with their traditions.

8 g She asketh of them which are godlie (for asmuche as the law & saluation shulde come out of Zion & Jerusalem) that thei wolde direct her to Christ.

11 i She describeth Christ to be of perfite beautie, & comelines.

17 k Hearing of the excellencie of Christ, the faithful desire to knowe how to finde him.