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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Song of Solomon 4

1 a Because Christ deliteth in his Church he commendeth all that is in her.

1 b He hathe respect to the multitude of the faithful which are manie in nomber.

1 ! The praises of the Church.

5 c Wherein are knowledge, & zeale, two precious jewels.

8 d Christ promiseth his Church to call his faithful from all the corners of the worlde.

9 e Christ calleth his Churche sister in respect that he had taken the flesh of man.

9 f In that he made his Church beautiful & riche, he loued his giftes in her.

9 ! The loue of Christ towardes her.

11 g Because of thy confession and thankesgiuing.

15 h The Church confesseth that all her glorie, & beautie cometh of Christ who is the true fountaine of all grace.

16 i She desireth Christ to comforte her, and to powre the graces of his Spirit vpon her, which Spirit is ment by the North South winde.