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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Song of Solomon 3

1 ! The Church desireth to be joyned inseparably to Christ her housband.

1 a The Church by night, that is in troubles seketh to Christ, but is not incontinently heard.

2 b Shewing that althogh we be not heard at the first, yet we must stil continue in prayer til we fele comfort.

3 c Which declareth, that we must seke vnto all, of whome we hope to haue anie sucour.

6 e This is refered to the Church of Israel, which was led by the wildrenes fortie yeres.

6 / Ebr. powdre.

7 f By the bed is ment the Temple, which Salomon made.

8 g He alludeth to the watche, which kept the Temple.

11 h All ye, that are of the nomber of the faithful.

11 i Christ become man was crowned by the loue of God with the glorious crowne of his diuniitie