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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Song of Solomon 6

1 a That is, is conuersant here in earth among men.

2 ! The Church assureth her selfe of the loue of Christ.

3 b Which was a faire & strong citie {1King. 14, 17}

3 ! The praises of the Church.

4 c This declareth the exceding loue of Christ toward his Church.

7 d Meaning, that the giftes are infinite which Christ giueth to his Church: or that his faithful are manie in nomber.

9 e He sheweth that the beginning of the Church was smale, but that it grewe vp to a great multitude.

10 f He went downe into the Synagogue to se what frutes came of the Lawe, & the Prophets.

11 h I ran as swift as the nobles of my people in their charets.

12 i O ye people of Jerusalem: for Jerusalem was called Shalem, which signifieth peace.