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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Song of Solomon 2

2 a Thus Christ preserreth his Church aboue all other things.

3 b The spouse testifieth her great desire toward her housband, but her strength failethher, and therefore she desireth to be comforted, & felt it.

3 ! The Church desireth to rest vnder the shadowe of Christ.

7 c Christ chargeth them which haue to do in the Church, as it were by a solemne othe, that thei trouble not the quietnes thereof.

8 d This is spoken of Christ, who toke vpon him our nature to come to helpe his Church.

9 f So that we can not haue ful knowledge of him in this life.

9 e For asmuche as his diuinitie was hid vnder the coke of our flesh.

11 g That is, sinne and error is driuen backe by the comming of Christ which is here described by the spring time, when all things florish.

14 h Thou that art ashamed of thy sinnes, come & shewe thy self vnto me.

15 i Suppresse the heretikes whiles thei are yong, that is, when thei beginne to shewe their malice & destroy the vine of the Lord.

17 k The Church desireth Christ to be moste ready to helpe her in all dangers.