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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Song of Solomon 1

1 a This is spoken in the persone of the Church, or the faithful soule, inflamed with the desire of Christ, whome she loueth.

1 ! The familiar talke and mystical communication of the spiritual loue betwene Jesus Christ and his Church.

2 c Thei that are pure in heart & conuersation.

3 e Meaning, the secret joye that is not knowen to the worlde.

3 d The faithful confesse that thei can not come to Christ except thei be drawen.

4 g Kedar was Ishmaels sone, of whome came the Arabians that dwelt in tentes.

4 f The Church confesseth her spots & sinne, but hathe confidence in the fauour of Christ.

5 i Consider not the Church by the outward apearance.

5 k The corruption of the nature through sinne, and afflictions.

5 l Mine owne brethren, which shulde haue moste fauoured me.

5 m She confesseth her owne negligence.

6 n The spouse feling her faute, fleeth to her housband onely for succour.

6 o Whome hast called to the dignitie of pastures, and thei set forthe their owne dreames in stead of thy doctrine.

6 ! The domestical enemies that persecute the Church.

7 p Christ speaketh to his Church, bidding them that are ignorant, to go to the pastors to learne.

8 q For thy spiritual beautie and excellencie there was no worldelie treasure to be compared vnto thee.

11 r The Church rejoyceth that she is admitted to the companie of Christ.

14 t Christ accepteth his Churche and commendeth her beautie.

15 u That is, the heart of the faithful where in Christ dwelleth by his Spirit.