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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 10

2 a So that he doeth all things wel, & justly, where as the foole doeth the contrary.

4 c If thy superiour be angry with thee, be thou discrete, & not moued.

5 d Meaning, that it is an euil thing when thei that are in autoritie, faile, & do not their duetie.

10 f Without wisdome what soeuer a man taketh in hand turneth to his owne hurte.

11 ! A sclanderer is like a serpent that can not be charmed.

15 g The ignorance & beastlines of the wicked is such, that thei knowe not commune things, & yet wil thei discusse hie matters.

16 h That is, without wisdome and counsel.

16 ! Of foolish Kings, and dronken princes.

17 k Meaning, when he is noble for vertue & wisdome & with the giftes of God.

17 ! And of good Kings and princes.

20 l Thou canst not worke euil so secretly, but it shal be knowen.