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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 11

1 a That is, be liberal to the poore, & thogh it seme to be as a thing ventred on the sea, yet is shal bring thee profite.

3 c He exhorteth to be liberal, while we liue: so after there is no power.

3 b As the cloudes that are ful, powre out raine, so the riche that haue abundance, must distribute it liberally.

4 d He that feareth inconueniences, when necessitie requireth, shal neuer do his duetie.

4 ! Not to doute of Gods prouidence.

6 f That is, which of thy workers are moste agreable to God.

8 g That is, of affliction & trouble.

9 h He derideth them that set their delite in worldelie pleasures, as thogh God wolde not call them to an accounte.

10 k Meaning, carnal lustes where unto youth is giuen.