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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 9

1 ! By no outward thing can man knowe whome God loueth or hateth.

1 a Meaning, what things oght to chuse or refuse: or man knoweth not by these outward things, that is by prosperitie or aduersitie, whome God doeth fauour or hate: for he sendeth them aswel to the wicked as to the godlie.

3 b In outward things as riches, and pouertie, sicknes, & helth there is no difference betwene the godlie, & the wicked: but the difference is that the godlie are assured by faith of Gods fauour & assistance.

4 c He noteth the Epicures, and carnal men, which made their belly their god, & had no pleasure but in this life, wishing rather to be an abject & vile persone in this life, , then a man of autoritie, and so to dye, which is ment by the dog and lyon.

7 d They flatter them selues to be in Gods fauour, because they haue all things in abundance.

8 e Rejoyce, be mery, and spare for no cost. thus speake the wicked belligods.

11 f Thus the worldelings say to proue that all things are lawful for them and attribute that to chance and fortune, which is done by the prouidence of God.

12 g That is, he doeth not fore se what shal come.

12 ! No man knoweth his end.