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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 7

1 ! Diuers percepts to followe that which is good, and to auoide the contrarie.

2 a There is not state, wherein man can liue to haue perfite quietens in this life.

3 b He speaketh thus after the judgement of the flesh, which thinketh death to be the end of all euils: or els, because that this corporal death is the entring into life euerlasting.

4 c Where we maie se the hand of God & learne to examine our liues.

8 d Which crackel for a while and profite nothing.

9 e A man that is estemed wise, when he falleth to oppression, becometh like a beast.

10 f He noteth their lightnes which enterprise a thing, & sudenly leaue it of againe.

12 g Murmure not against God when he sendeth aduersities for mans sinnes.

13 h He answereth to them that esteme not wisdome, except riches be joyned therewith shewing that bothe are the giftes of God, but that wisdome is farre more excellent & maie be without riches.

16 k That man shulde be able to controlle nothing in his workes.

16 i Consider wherfore God doethe send it and what maie comfort thee.

17 l Meaning, that cruel tyrants put the godlie to death and let the wicked go fre.

18 m Boast not to muche of thine owne justice and wisdome.

19 n Tarie not long when you art admonished to come out of the waie of wickednes.

20 o To wit, on these admonitions that go before.

20 p Consider what desolasion & destruction shal come, if thou do not obeie them.

31 t And so are cause of their owne destruction.