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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 8

1 a That is, doeth get him fauour & prosperitie.

1 b Whereas before he was proude and arrogant, he shal become humbled and meke.

2 c That is, that thou obey the King, & kepe the othe that thou hast made for the same cause.

3 d Withdrawe not they selfe lightly from the obedience of thy prince.

5 e That is, when times is to obey, and how farre he shulde obey.

6 f Man of him self is miserable, and therefore oght to do nothing to increse the same, but to worke all things by wisdome, & counsel.

8 g Man hathe no power to saue his owne life, & therefore must not rashely cast him self into danger.

9 h As cometh oft times to tyrants, and wicked rulers.

10 k They that feared God, & worshiped him according as he had appointed.

11 l Where justice is delayed, there sinne reigneth.

14 m Which are punished as thogh they were wicked, as {Chap. 7, 16}