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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 6

1 ! The miserable estate of him to whome God hathe giuen riches, and not the greace to use them.

2 a He sheweth that it is the plague of God when the riche man hathe not a liberal heart to vse his riches.

3 c As we se often times, that the couetous man ether falleth into crimes that deserue death, or is murthered or drowned or hangeth him self or suche like & so lacke the honour of buryal which is the last office of humanitie.

3 b If he can neuer haue ynough.

4 d Meaning, the vntimelie frute whose life did nether profite or hurt anie.

8 f That knoweth to vse his goods wel in the judgement of men.

9 g To be content with that which God hathe giuen, is better then to followe the desires that neuer can be satisfied.

10 h Meaning, God who wil make him to fele that he is mortal.