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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 5

1 b He heareth thee not for thy manie wordes sake, or often repetitiouns, but considereth thy faith, and seruent minde.

1 ! Not to speake lightely, chiefly in Gods matters.

1 a Ether in vowing or in praying: meaning that we shulde vse all reuerence to God warde.

3 c He speaketh of vowes, which are approued by Gods worde, and serue to his glorie.

5 d Cause not thy self to sinne by vowing rashely: as thei do which make a vowe to liue vnmaried, and suche like.

5 e That is, before Gods messenger when he shal examine thy doing: as thogh thy ignorance shulde be a just excuse.

7 f Meaning, that God wil redresse these things, & therfore we must depend vpon him.

8 g The reuenues of the earth are to be preserred aboue all things, which apperteine to this life.

8 h Kings and princes can not mainteineth their estate without tillage, which thing commendeth the excellencie of tillage.

11 i That is, his great abundance of riches, or the surfeting, which cometh by his great feding

12 k When couetous men heape vp riches, which turne to their destruction.

14 ! Man when he dyeth, taketh nothing with him.

18 ! To liue joyfully, and with a contented minde is the gift of God.

19 p He wil take no great thoght for the peines that he hathe endured in time past.