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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ecclesiastes 4

1 a He maketh here another discours with him self concerning the tyrannie of them that oppressed the poore.

1 ! The innocents are oppressed.

2 b Because thei are no more subject to these oppressions.

3 c He speaketh according to the judgements of the flesh, which can not abide to fele, or se troubles.

4 d The more profit that the worke is, the more is it enuide of the wicked.

4 ! Mans labours are ful of abuse and vanitie.

5 e For ydlenes he is compelled to destroye him self.

9 f Forasmuche as when man is alone, he can nether helpe him self nor others, he sheweth that men oght to liue in mutual societie, to the intent thei may be profitable one to another, & that their things may encrease.

12 g By this prouerbe he ceclareth how necessarie it is that men shulde liue in societie.

13 ! A yong man poore, and wise is to be preferred to an alde King that is a foole.

14 h that is, from a poore, & base estate, or out of trouble, & prison, as Joseph did, {Gen 4, 14}

14 i Meaning, that is borne a King.

15 k Which follow, & flatter the Kings sonne, or him that shal succede: to enter into credit with them in hope of gaine.

16 l They neuer cease by all meanes to crepe into fauour: but when the obteine not their greadie desires, they thinke them selues abused, as other haue bene in time past, and so care no more for him.

17 m That is, with what affection thou comest to heare the worde of God.

17 n Meaning, of the wicked, which thinke to please God with ceremonies and haue nether faith nor repentance.