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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 23

2 b Bridel thine appetite, as it were by force and violence.

3 c For oft times the riche, when they bid their inferiours to their tables, it is not for the loue they beare them, but for their owne secret purposes.

4 d Bestowe not the giftes that God hathe giuen thee, to get wordelie riches.

6 e That is, couetous, as contrarie a good eye is taken for liberal, as {Chap. 22, 9}.

8 f He wil not cease, til he hathe done thee some harme, & his flattering wordes shal come to no vse.

18 h The prosperitie of the wicked shal not continue.

20 / Ebr deuourers of flesh.

23 k Spare no cost for truesths sake, nether departe from it for anie gaine.

28 m Sh seduceth manie, & causeth them to offend God.

30 n Which by art make wine stronger, and more pleasant.

33 o That is, dronkennes shal bring thee to whoredome.

35 q Thogh dronkennes make them more insensible then beasts, yet can they not refraine.