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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 24

7 a In the place where wisdome shulde be shewed.

10 b Man hathe no tryal of his strength til he be in troubles.

11 c None can be excused, if he helpe not the innocent when he is in danger.

13 d As honie is swete & pleasant to the tast, so wisdome is to the soule.

16 e He is subject to manie perils: but God deliuereth him.

22 g Meaning, ether of the wicked, and sedicious, as {vers. 19, and 21} or of them that feare not God nor obey their King.

27 h Be sure of the meanes how to compasse it before you take anie enterprise in hand.

29 i He sheweth what is the nature of the wicked, to reuenge wrong for wrong.