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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 22

2 b Liue together, and haue nede the one of the other.

3 c That is, the punishment, which is prepared for the wicked, & fleeth to God for succour.

6 d Bring him vp vertuously, and he shal so continue.

8 e His autoritie, whereby he did oppresse others, shal be taken from him.

11 g He sheweth that princes shulde vse their familiaritie, whose conscience is god, and their talke wise and godlie.

13 i He derideth them that inuent vaine excuses, because they wolde not do their duetie.

14 k So God punisheth one sinne by another, when he suffreth the wicked to fall into the acquaintance of an harlot.

19 m he sheweth what the end of wisdome is: to wit, to direct vs to the Lord.

24 o Haue not to do with him that is not able to rule his affections: for he wolde hurt thee by his euil conuersation.

26 p Which rashely put them selues in danger for others, as {Chap. 6, 1}