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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 21

1 a Thogh Kings seme to haue all things at commandement, yet are thei not able to bring their owne purposes to passe anie otherwise then God hathe appointed: much lesse are the inferiours able.

3 b That is, the thing whereby he is guided, or which he bringeth forthe as the frute of his worke.

5 c He that goeth rashely about his busines and without counsel.

7 d He meaneth this chiefly of judges and princes which leaue that vocation wherevnto God hath called them, & powle their subjects to mainteine their lustes.

12 f Thogh the godlie admonish them bothe by wordes & example of lfe, yet the wicked wil not amend, til God destroie them.

14 g To do a pleasure to the angrie man pacifieth him.

18 h God shal cause that to fall on their owne heads, which they intended against the just, by deliuering the juste and putting the wicked in their places.

22 k Wisdome ouercometh strength & confidence in worldelie things.

25 l He thinketh to liue by wishing and desiring all things, but wil take no peine to get oght.

28 m He maie boldely testifie the trueth that he hathe heard.