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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 20

1 a By wine here is ment him that is giuen to wine, and so by strong drinke.

5 c It is hard to finde out: for it is as depe waters, whose bottome can not be found: yet the wise man wil knowe a man ehter by his wordes or maners.

8 d Where righteous judgement is executed, there sine ceaseth and vice dare not appeare.

10 e Read {Chap. 16,11}

16 f Teache him wit, that he cast no him self rashly into danger.

25 g That is, to applie it, or take it to his owne vse, which was appointed to Gods, and then inquire how thei maie be exempted from the faute.

27 i the worde of God giueth life vnto man, and causeth vs to se & trye the secrets of our darke hearts, {Ebr. 4, 12}

30 k Sharpe punishement, that perceth euen the inward partes, is profitable for the wicked, to bring them to amendement.