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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 14

0 e For the maintenance of his owne ambition and not for Gods glorie, as Simon the magus.

1 a That is, taketh peine to profite her familie and to do that which concerneth her duetie in her house.

2 b that is in vprightnes of heart and without hypocrisie.

3 c His proude tongue shal cause him to be punished.

4 d By the oxe is ment labour, and by the crib be the barne: meaning, without labour there is no profite.

9 f Doeth not knowe the grieuousnes therof nor Gods judgements against the same.

10 g As a mans conscience is witnes of his owne grief: so another can not feele the joye and comforte, which a man feeleth in him self.

13 h He sheweth that the allurement vnto sinne semeth swete, but the end thereof is destruction.

14 i He that forsaketh God, shal be punished, and made wearie of his sinnes wherein he delited.

19 k If this come not daiely to passe, we muste consider that it is because of our sinnes, which let Gods working.

28 l That is, the strength of a King standeth in manie people.

33 m For as muche as thei are conuicted thereby, and put to silence.

34 / Or, for the mercie of the people is a sacrifice for sinne.