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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 15

6 a For thogh thei haue muche, yet it is ful of trouble & care.

8 b That thing is abominable before God, which the wicked thinke to be moste excellent, and whereby thei thinke moste to be accepted.

10 c He that swarueth from the worde of God, can not abide to be admonished.

11 d There is nothing so depe, or secret that can be hid from the eyes of God, much lesse mens thoghts.

19 e That is, he euer findeth some let or stay, and dare not go forward.

23 g If we wil that our talke be confortable, we muste waite for time and season.

26 h That is, holsome and profitable to the hearers.

31 i That suffreth him self to be admonished by Gods worde, which bringeth life: and so amendeth.

33 k Meaning, that God exalteth none, but them that are truly humbled.