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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 13

2 a If he vse his tongue to Gods glorie, and the profite of his neighbour.

4 b He euer desireth, but taketh no peines to get anie thing.

8 c For his pouertie, he is not able to escape the threatings, which the cruel oppressers vse against him.

10 d When as euerie man contendeth to haue the preeminence, & wil not giue place to another.

11 f That is, with his owne labour.

13 g Meaning, the worde of God, whereby he is admonished of his duetie.

17 h Bringeth manie inconueniences bothe to him selfe and to others.

20 i As he is partaker of their wickednes & beareth with their vices, so shal he be punished alike as thei are.

23 l God blesseth the labour of the poore & consumeth their goods, which are negligent, because thei thinke thei haue ynough.