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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 3

2 a Long life is the blessing of God which he giueth to his, so farre forthe as it is expedient for them.

3 b By mercie & trueth, he meaneth the commandements of the first & second table: or els the mercie & faithfulnes that we goth to vse towarde our neighbours.

3 c Kepe them as a moste precious jewel.

3 d Haue them euer in remembrance.

8 e By this part he comprehendeth the whole bodie, as by health he meaneth all the benefites promised in the Law both corporal and spiritual.

9 f As was commanded in the lawe, {Exod. 23,19 deut. 26, 2} & by this thei acknowledged that God was the giuer of all things and that their were ready to bestowe all at his commandement.

9 ! Honour him.

10 g For to the faithful distributer God giueth in greater abundance.

16 h Meaning, that he that seketh wisdome: that is, suffreth him self to be gouerned by the worde of God, shal haue all prosperitie both corporal and spiritual.

18 i Which bringeth forthe suche frute that thei that eat thereof haue life: and he alludeth to the tre of life in Paradise.

19 k Hereby he sheweth that this wisdome, whereof he speaketh, is euerlasting, because it was before all creatures, & that all things, euen the whole worlde were made by it.

22 ! To them that followe the worde of God, all things shal succede wel.

22 / Or, thrice, read {chap. 1,9}

25 l For when God destroieth the wicked, he wil saue his, as he did Lot in Sodom.

27 m Not onely from them to whome the possession belongeth, but also thou shalt not kepe it from them, which haue nede of the vse thereof.

32 p That is, his couenant & fatherlie affection which is hid & secret from the worlde.

34 q He wil shewe by his plagues that their skornes shal turne to their owne destruction, as {Chap. 1, 26}