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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 2

1 a That is, kepe them in thine heart.

2 b If thou giue thy self to the true knowledge of God without hypocrisie.

3 c Meaning, that we must seke the knowledge of God with care and diligence.

5 e This (sayth he) is the true wisdome to knowe, & fear God.

11 f The worde of God shal teache thee & counsel thee how to gouerne thy self.

13 g That is, the worde of God, which is the onelie light, to followe their wone fantasies which are darkenes.

14 h When thei se anie giuen to euil as thei are.

16 i Meaning, that wisdome, which is the werde of God, shal preserue vs from all vices; naming this vice of whoredome whereunto man is moste prone.

17 k That is, her housband, which is her head & guide to gouerne her, from whome she oght not to depart, but remaine in his subjection.

17 l Which is, the promes made in mariage.

18 m Her acquaintance with her familiars & them that hante her.

21 o They shal enjoye the tempral & spiritual promises of God, as the wicked shalbe voyde of them.