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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 4

1 a He speaketh this in the persone of a preacher & minister, which is as a father vnto the people, read {Chap. 1, 8}

3 b In Ebrewe it is Onely: for thogh she had thre others by Vriiah, yet Salomon was onely her sonne by Dauid.

7 d He sheweth that we must first begin at Gods worde, if so be we wil that other things prosper with vs. contrarie to the judgement of the worlde, which make it their last study or els, care not for it at all.

11 e Salomon declareth what care his father had to bring him vp in the true feare of God: for this was Dauids protestation

12 f Thou shalt walke at libertie without offence.

16 g Meaning, that to do euil is more propre & natural to the wicked, then to slepe, eat or drinke.

17 h Gotten by wicked meanes and cruel oppression.

18 i Signifying that the godlie increase dayly in knowledge & perfection, til thei come to ful perfection, which is when thei shalbe joyned to their head in the heauens.

20 ! By the worde of God the heart, eyes and course of life must be guided.

22 k That is, thei shal haue health of body vnder the which all other blessings promised in the lawe are conteined.

23 l For as the heart is ether pure or corrupt, so is the whole course of mans life.