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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 140

1 ! Dauid complaineth of the cruelitie, falsehode & injuries of his enemies.

1 a Which persecuteth me of malice & without cause.

2 b That is, by their false cauillacions and lies thei kindle the hatred of the wicked against me.

3 c He sheweth what weapons the wicked vse when power & force faile them.

4 d He declareth what is the remedie of the godlie, when thei are oppressed by the worldelings.

7 e He calleth to God with liuelie faith, being assured of his mercies, because he had before time prouen, that God helped him euer in his dangers.

8 f For it is in Gods hand to ouerthrowe the counsels & enterprises of the wicked.

8 ! Against the which he priaeth vnto the Lord and assureth himself of his helpe and succour.

10 h To wit, God: for Dauid saw that thei were reprobat & that there was no hope of repentance in them.

11 i Gods plagues shal light vpon him in suche sort, that he shal not escape.

12 ! Wherefore he prouoketh: the just to praise the Lord, & to assure them selues of his tuition.

13 k That is, shalbe defended & preserued by thy Fatherlie prouidence & care.