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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 139

1 ! Dauid to cleanse his heart from all hypocrise sheweth that there is nothing so bad, which God seeth not,

2 a He confesseth that nether our actions, thoghts or anie parte ofour life can be hid to God, thogh he seme to be farre of.

5 d Thou so guidest me with thine hand, that I can turne no waie, but where thou appointest me.

10 f Thy power doeth so fast holde me, that I can escape by no meanes from thee.

11 g Thogh darkenes be an hinderance to mans sight, yet it serueth thine eyes as wel as the light.

13 h Thou hast made me in all partes & therfore must nedes knowe me.

13 ! Which he confirmeth by the creation of man.

14 i Considering thy wonderful worke in forming me, I can not but praise thee & feare thy mightie power.

14 ! After declaring his zeale and feare of God, he protesteth to be enemis to all them that contemne God.

15 k That is, in my mothers wombe: which he compareth to the inward partes of the earth.

16 l Seing that you didest knowe me before I was composed of ether flesh or bone, much more now must you knowe me when you hast facioned me.

17 m How oght we to esteme the excellent declaration of thy wisdome in the creacion of man?

18 n I continually se newe occasions to meditate in thy wisdome and to praise thee.

21 o He teacheth vs boldely to contemne all the hatred of the wicked & friendship of the worlde, when thei wolde let us to serue God syncerely.

24 p Or anie henous waie or rebelliions: meaning, that thogh he were subject to sinne: yet was he not giuen to wickednes, and to prouoke God by rebellion.

24 q That is, continue thy fauour towards me to the end.