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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 116

1 ! Dauid being in great danger of Saul in the desert of Maon, perceiuing the great and inestimable laue of God toward him, maginifieth suche great mercies,

1 a He granteth that no pleasure is so great, as to fele Gods helpe in our necessitie, nether that anie thing more stirreth vp our loue toward him.

2 b That is, inconuenient time to seke helpe, which was when he was in distres.

5 c He sheweth forthe the frute of his loue in calling vpon him, confessing him to be just & merciful, & to help them that are destitute of aide & counsel.

7 d Which was vnquieted before, now rest vpon the Lord: for he hathe bene beneficial towards thee.

10 f I felt all these things, and therefore was moued by faith to confess them, {2 Cor. 4,13}

11 g In my great distresse I thoght God wolde not regarde man, which is but lies and vanitie, yet I ouercame this tentacion and felt the contrarie.

13 ! And protesteth that he wil be thankeful for the same.

13 h In the Law thei vsed to make a banket, when thei gaue solemne thankes to God, and to take the cup & drinke in signe of thankesgiuing.

15 i I perceiue that God hathe a care ouer his, so that he bothe disposeth their death and taketh an account.

18 k I wil thanke him for his benefites: for that is a juste paiement, to confesse that we owe all to God.