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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 63

1 b Thogh he was bothe hungrie & in great thistres, yet he made God his sufficiencie & aboue all meate & drinke.

1 a To wit, of Ziph, {1 Sam. 23, 14}

1 ! Dauid, after he had bene in great danger by Saul in the desert of Ziph, made this psalme.

2 c In this miserie I exercise my self in the contemplation of thy powers & glorie, as if I were thy Sanctuarie.

3 ! Wherein he giueth thankes to God for his wonderful deliuerance in whose mercies he trusted euen in the middes of his miseries.

5 d The remembrance of thy fauour is more swete vnto me then all the pleasures and denties of the worlde.

8 e He assureth him slefe by the Spirit of God to haue the gift of constancie.

10 f He prophecieth of the destruction of Saul, & them that take his parte, whose bodies shal not be buried, but he deuoured with wilde beastes.

11 g All that sweare by God aright, or professe him, shal rejoyce in this worthie King.

11 ! And contraiwise happines to all them that trust in the Lord.