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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 62

1 a Thogh Satan tempted him to murmure against God, yet he bridled his affections, & resting vpon Gods promes beareth his crosse patiently.

1 ! This Psalme partely conteineth meditations, whereby Dauid incourageth him self to trust in God against the assalts of tentations. And because our mindes are easely drawen from God by the allurements of the worlde he sharpely reproueth this vanitie, to the intent he might cleaue fast to the Lord.

2 b It appeareth by the oft repetition of this worde, that the Prophet abode manifolde tentations, but by resting on God & by patience he ouercame them all.

3 c He meaneth him self, being the man whome God had appointed to the kingdome.

3 d Thogh ye seme to be in honour, yet God wil suddenly destroye you.

5 e Dauid was greatly moued with these troubles: therefore he stirreth vp him self to trust in God.

7 f These vehement & often repetitions were necessarie to strengthen his faith against the horrible assaltes of Satan.

8 g He admonisheth vs of our wicked nature, which rather hide our sorow, & bite on the bridle, then vtter our grief to God to obteine remedie.

10 h Giue your selues wholy to God by putting awaie all things that are contarie to his Lawe.

11 i He hathe plainely borne witnes of his power, so that none nedeth to dout therof.

12 k So that the wicked shal fele thy power, and the godlie thy mercie.