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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 47

1 a Here is figured Christ, vnto whome all his shulde giue willing obedience, & who wolde shew himself terrible to the wicked.

2 ! The Prophet exhorteth all people to the worship of the true and euerliuing God commending the mercie of God toward the posteritie of Jaakob:

3 b He hathe made the Jewes, who were the kepers of the Law and Prophets, scholemasters to the Gentiles, that thei shulde with gladnes obey them.

4 c God hathe chosen vs aboue all other nations to enjoye a moste glorious inheritance.

5 d He doeth allude vnto the trumpets, that were blowne at solemne feastes: but he doeth further signifie the triumph of Christ and his glorious ascension into the heauens.

7 e He requireth that vnderstanding by joyned with singing, lest the Name of God be profaned with vaine crying.

9 f He praiseth Gods highnes, for that he joyneth the great princes of the worlde, whome he calleth shields to the feloship of his Church.

9 ! And after prophecieth of the kingdome of Christ in this time of the Gospel.