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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 46

1 ! A song of triumph of thankeskiuing for the deliuerance of Jerusalem, after Sennaherib with his armie was driuen awaie, or some other like sudden and maruelous deliuerance by the mightie hand of God.

1 b In all maner of troubles God sheweth his spedie mercie and power in defending his.

1 a Which was ether a musical instrument or a solemnemine, vnto the which this psalme was sung.

3 d Thogh the afflictions rage neuer so muche, yet the riuers of Gods mercies bring sufficient comfort to his.

4 e The riuer of Shiloah, which passed through Jerusalem: meaning thogh the defence seme neuer so smale, yet if God haue appointed it, it is sufficient.

7 g Thei are assured that God can and wil defend his Church from all dangers and enemies.

8 ! Whereby the Prophet commending this great benefite, doeth exhorte the faithful to giue them selues wholly into the hand of God, douting nothing but that vnder his protection thei shal be safe against all the assautes of their enemies, because this is his delite to asswage the rage of the wicked, when thei are moste busie against the just.

8 h To wit, how oft he hathe destroied his enemies & deliuered his people.

10 i He warmeth them that persecute the Church to cease their crueltie: for els thei shal fele that God is to strong for them, against whome thei fight.