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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 45

1 b Of that perfite loue that oght to be betwene the housband & the wife.

1 ! The maiestie of Salomon, his hounour, strength, beautie, riches & power are praised, & also his mariage with the Egyptian being an heathen woman is blessed,

1 a That was a certeine tune or an instrument.

2 c Salomons beautie and eloquence to winne fauour with his people, and his power to ouercome his enemies, is here described.

4 d He alludeth to them that ride in chariots in their triumphes, shweing that the quiet state of a kingdome standeth in trueth, mekenes & justice, not in worldelie pompe and vanitie.

6 e Vnder this figure of this kingdome of justice is set forthe the euerlasting kingdome of Christ.

7 f Hathe established thy kingdome as the figure of Christ, which is the peace & joye of the Church.

8 g In the which palace the people made this joyful to se them giue thankes & rejoyce for that.

9 h Thogh he had many Kings daughters among his wiues, yet he loued Pharaohs daughter best.

10 i Vnder the figure of Pharaohs daughter he sheweth that the Church must cast of all carnal affections to obey Christ onely.

10 ! If that she can renounce her people & the loue of her countrey and giue her selfe wholly to her housband. Vnder the which figure the wounderful maiestie & increase of the kingdome of Christ and the Church his spouse now taken of the Gentiles is described.

12 k He signifieth that diuers of them, that be riche, shalbe benefactorus to the Church, albeit thei giue not perfite obedience to the Gospel.

12 / Or, Zor.

13 l There is nothing fained nor hypocritical, but she is glorious bothe within & without: and howbeit the Church hath not at all times this outwarde glorie, the faute is to be imputed onely to their owne ingratitude.

16 m Thei shal haue greater graces then their fathers.

16 m Thei shal haue greater graces then their fathers.

16 n He signifieth the great compasse of Christs kingdome, which shalbe sufficient to enriche all his membres.

17 o This must onely be referred to Christ and not to Salomon.