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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 37

1 ! This Psalme conteineth exhortation & consolation for the weake, that are grieued at the prosperitie of the wicked, & the affliction of the goldie.

1 a He admonisheth vs nether to vexe our selues for the prosperous estate of the wicked, nether to desire to be like them to make our state the better.

2 b For Gods judgement cutteth downe their state in a moment.

3 c To trust in God, and do according to his wil, are sure tokens, that his prouidence wil neuer faile vs.

5 d Be not led by thine owne wisdome, but obey God, and he wil finish his worke in thee.

6 e As the hope of the dailight causeth vs not to be offended with the darkenes of the night: so oght we paciently to trust that God will cleare our cause and restore vs to our right.

7 f When God suffreth the wicked to prosper, it semeth to the flesh that he fauoreth their doings.

7 ! For how prosperously soeuer the wicked do liue for the time, he doeth affirme their felicitie to be vaine and transitorie, because they are not in the fauor of God, but in the end they are destroyed as his enemies.

8 g Meaning, except he moderate his affections, he shalbe led to do as they do.

10 h He correcteth the impaciencie of our nature, which can not abide all the fulnes of Gods time to be come.

11 ! And how miserably that the righteous semeth to liue in the worlde, yet his end is peace, & he is in the fauour of God, he is deliuered from the wicked & preferued.

12 i The godlie are assured that the power and craft of the wicked shal not preuail against them, but fall on their owne neckes, & therfore oght paciently to abide Gods time, & in the meane while bewaile their sinnes, & offer vp their teares as a sacrifice of their obedience.

16 k For thei are daily fed as with Manna from heauen, & haue sufficient, when the wicked haue neuer ynough, but euer hungre.

18 l God knoweth what dangers hang ouer his, & by what meanes to deliuer them.

19 m For God wil giue them contented mndes & that which shalbe necessarie.

20 n They shal vanish awaye suddenly: for they are fed for the daie of slaughter.

21 o God so furnisheth him with his blessing, that he is able to helpe others.

23 p God prospereth the faithful, because they walke in his waies with an vpright conscience.

24 q When God doeth exercise his faith with diuers tentacions.

25 r Thogh the just man dye, yet Gods blessings are extended to his posteritie, and thogh God suffer some juste man to lacke temporal benefites, yet he recompenseth him with spiritual treasures.

29 s They shal continually be preserued vnder Gods wings, and haue at least inwarde rest.

30 t These thre pointes are required of the faithful, that their talke be godlie, that Gods Law be in their heart, & that their life be vpright.

33 u For thogh it be sometime so expedient both for Gods glorie & their saluation, yet he wil approue their cuase & reuenge their wrong.

36 x So that the prosperitie of the wicked is but as a clude, which vanisheth away in a moment.

37 y He exhorteth the faithful to marke diligently the examples bothe of Gods mercies, & also of his judgements.

39 z He sheweth that the pacient hope of the godlie is neuer in vaine, but in the end hathe good succes, thogh for a time God proue them by sundrie tentations.