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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 11

1 ! This psalm conteineth two partes. In the first Dauid sheweth how harde assaltes of tentacions he susteined & in how great anguish of minde he was, when Saul did persecute him.

1 a This is the wicked counsel of his enemies to him & his companions, to driue him from the hope of Gods promes.

3 c Yet am I innocent and my cause good.

4 d Thogh all things in earth be out of order, yet God wil execute judgement from heauen.

4 ! Then next he rejoyceth that God set him succour in his necessitie, declaring his justice aswel in gouerning the good, and the wicked men, as the whole worlde.

6 f Which they shal drinke euen to the dregs, {Ezek. 23,34}