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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 12

1 a Which dare defend the trueth, & shew mercie to the oppressed.

2 b He meaneth the flatters, of the courte, which hurt him more with their tongues then with their weapons.

3 ! The Prophet lamenting the miserable estate of the people, and the decay of all good order desireth God spedely to send succour to his children.

4 c They thinke them selues able to persuade whatsoeuer they take in hand.

5 e Because the ??? ordes worde and promes is true & vnchangeable, he wil performe it & preserue the poore from this wicked generation.

5 d The Lord is moued with the complaints of his, & deliuereth in the end from all dangers.

7 ! Then comforting himself and others with the assurance of Gods helpe he commendeth the constant veritie that God obserueth in keping his promises.

8 g For thei suppres the godlie and mainteine the wicked.