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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 10

1 a So sone as we enter into affliction, we thinke God shulde helpe vs, but that is not alwaies his due time.

1 ! Complaineth of the fraude, rapine, tyrannie, and all kindes of wrong, which worldelie men vse, assigning the cause thereof, that wicked men, being as it were drunken with worldlie prosperitie, and therefore setting aparte all feare and reuence towardes God, thinke they may do all things without contro ???

3 b The wicked man rejoyceth in his owne lust: he boasteth when he hathe that he wolde: he braggeth of his wit & welth, & blesseth him selfe, and thus blasphemeth the Lord.

6 c The euil shal not touche me, {Isa. 28,15}, or els he speaketh thus because he neuer felt euil.

8 d He sheweth that the wicked haue many meanes to hide their crueltie, and therefore oght more to be feared.

10 e By the hypocrisie of them that haue autoritie the poore are deuoured.

12 f He calleth to God for helpe, because wickednes is so farre, ouergrowen that God mast now helpe or neuer.

13 g Therefore that must nedes punish this their blasphemie

15 ! Therefore he calleth vpon God to send some remedie against these desperat euils

15 i For you hast vtterly destroied him.

16 ! And at length comforteth him selfe with hope of deliuerance.

16 k The hypocrites, or suche as liue not after Gods law, shalbe destroyed.

18 / Or, destroy no more man vpon the earth.