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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 39

1 ! The bountie and prouidence of God, which extendeth euen to the yong rauens, giueth manful occasion to put his confidence in God.

1 a After he had declared Gods workes in the heauens, he sheweth his maruelous prouidence in earth, euen toward the brutte beasts.

4 c He chiefly maketh mencion of wilde goates & hindes, becaue they bring forthe their young with moste difficultie.

5 d That is, how long they go with great difficultie.

9 f That is, the baren grounde where no good frutes growe.

12 g It is possible to make the vnicorne tame? signifing that if man can not rule a creature, that it is muche more impossible that he shulde appoint the wisdome of God, whereby he gouerneth all the worlde.

17 h Thei write that the ostrich couereth her egges in the sand, and because the countrey is hote and the sunne stil kepeth them warme, they are hatched.

20 k That is, to haue a care, & natural affection toward his yong.

21 l When the yong ostrich is growen vp, he out runneth the horse.

22 m That is, giue him courage? which is ment by neying and shaking his mane: for with his breath he couereth his necke.

27 o He so riddeth the grounde that it semeth nothing vnder him.

29 p That is,when colde cometh, to flie into the worme countries.

35 q Is this the way for a man that wil learne to striue with God? which thing he reproueth in Job.

37 r Whereby he sheweth that he repented, & desired pardon for his fautes.

37 ! Job cofesseth & humbleth him self.