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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 40

2 ! How weake mans power is being compared to the workes of God.

3 a Signifying that they that justifie them selues, condemn God as injust.

5 b Meaning, that these were propre vnto God, and belonged to no man.

9 d Prouing hereby that whosoeuer attributeth to him self power, & abilitie to saue him self, maketh him self God.

10 e This beast is thoght to be the eliphant, or some other, which is vnknowen.

10 f Whome I made aswel as thee.

10 g This commendeth the prouidence of God toward man: for if he were giuen to deuoure as a lion, nothing were able, to resist him or content him.

10 ! Whose power appeareth in the creation, and gouerning of the great beastes.

14 h He is one of the chiefest workes of God among the beasts.

14 i Thogh man dare not come nere him, yet God can kil him.

22 m Because he feareth lest thou shouldest take him.

27 o If thou once consider the danger, thou wilt not medle with him.