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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 38

1 ! God speaketh to Job, and declareth the weakens of man in the considerations of his creatures by whose excellencie the power, justice and prouidence of the Creator is knowen.

1 a That his wordes might haue greater majestie, and that Job might knowe with whome he had to do.

2 b Which by seking out the secret counsel of God by mans reason, maketh it more obscure & sheweth his owne folie.

3 c Because he had wished to dispute with God, {Chap. 13,3}, God reasoneth with him to decare his rashnes.

4 d Seing he colde not judge of those things, which were done so long before he was borne, he was not able to comprehand all God s workes: muche lesse the secret causes of his judgements.

7 e The starres and dumme creatures are said to praise God, because his power, wisdome and goodnes is manifest & knowen therein.

7 f Meaning, the Angels.

9 g As thogh the great sea were but as a litle babe in the hands of God to turne to & fro.

11 h That is, Gods decree and commandment, as verse 10.

13 k Who hauing in the night bene giuen to wickednes, an not abide the light but hide them selues.

14 l That earth which semed in the night to haue no forme, but the rising of the sunne is as it were created anewe and all things therein clad with newe beautie.

16 m If thou art not able to seke out the depth of the sea, how muche lesse art thou able to comprehend the counsel of God?

20 n That you mightest apoint it his way and limites.

23 o To punish mine enemies with them, as {Exod. 9,18}, {Josh. 10,11}

30 p The yce couereth it, as thoght it were paude with stone.

31 q Which starres arise when the sunne is in Taurus, which is the spring time,& bring floures.

32 s Certeine starres so called: some thinke they were the swelue signes.

32 t The North starre with those that are about him?

33 u Canst thou cause the heauenlie bodies to haue anie power ouer the earthlie bodies?

37 y That is, the clouds, wherein the water is conteined as in bottels.

38 z For when God doeth not open these bottels the earth comes to this inconuenience.