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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 35

2 a Job neuer spake these wordes: but because he mainteined his innocencie, it semed as thogh he wolde say, that God tormented him without just cause.

5 c If thou canst not controle the cloudes, wilt thou presume to instruct God?

6 ! Nether doeth godlines profite, or vndoglines hurt God but man.

6 d Nether doeth thy sinne hurt God, nor thy justice profite him: for he wil be glorified without thee.

9 e The wicked may hurt man and cause him to crie, who if he soght to God, which sendeth comfort, shulde be deliuered.

12 f Because thei pray not in faith as feling Gods mercies.

16 h For if he did punish thee, as thou deseruest, thou shuldest not be able to open thy mouth.