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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 36

3 a He sheweth that when we speake of God we must lift our spirits more hie, then our natural sense is able to reache.

4 b Thou shalt perceiue that I am a faithful instructour, & that I speak to thee in the name of God.

5 c Strong and constant, & of vnderstanding: for these are the gifts of God, & he loueth them in man: but for asmuche as God punished now Job, it is a signe that these are not in him.

6 d Therefore he wil not preserue the wicked: but to the humble & afflicted heart he wil shewe grace.

9 f He wil moue their heartes to fele their sinnes that thei may come to him by repentance as he did Manasseh.

12 g That is, in their follie, or obstination & so shalbe cause of their owne destruction.

13 h Which are maliciously bent against God and flatter them selues in their vices.

13 i When they are in affliction they seke not to God for succour, as Asa. {2Chro. 16,12}, {reuel. 16,11}

13 ! The propertie of the wicked.

14 k Thei dye of some vile death and that before they come to age.

16 l If thou hadest bene obedient to God, he wolde haue broght thee to libertie & welth.

17 m Thou art altogether after the maner of the wicked: for thou doest murmure against the justice of God.

18 n God doeth punish thee, lest thou shuldest forget God in thy welth and so perish.

20 o Be not thou curious in seking the cause fo Gods judgements, when he destroyeth any.

21 p And so murmur against God through impaciencie.

25 q The workes of God are so manifest, that a man may se them a farre of and knowe God by the same.

26 r Our infirmitie hindereth vs so, that we can not atteine to he perfite knowledge of God.

27 s That is, the raine cometh of those dropes of water, which he kepeth in the cloudes.

29 t Meaning, of the cloudes, which he calleth the Tabernacle of God.

30 x That men can not come to the knowledge or the springs thereof.

31 y He sheweth that the raine hathe double vse: the one it declareth Gods judgements, when it doeth ouerflowe any places, & the other that it maketh the land fruteful.

33 a The colde vapour sheweth him: that is, the cloude of the hote exhalacion, which being taken in the colde cloude mounteth vp towarde the place where the fyre is, and so angre is ingendred: that is , noise and thunder claps.