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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 34

5 ! Elhu chargeth Job,that he called him selfe righteous.

5 c That is, hathe afflictied me without measure.

6 e I am sorer punished, then my sinne deserueth.

7 f Which is compelled to receiue the reproche & scornes of many for his foolish wordes.

8 g Meaning, that Job was like to the wicked, because he semed not to glorifie God, & submit him selfe to his judgements.

9 h He wrasteth Jobs wordes, who said that Gods children are oft times punished in this worlde, & the wicked go fre.

9 i That is, liue godly, as {Gen 5,22}.

12 ! He sheweth that God is just in his judgements.

14 l The breath of life, which he gaue man.

17 m If God were not just, how colde he gouerne the worlde?

18 n If man of nature feare to speake euil of such as haue power, then muche more oght their to be afraid to speake euil of God.

20 p The messengers of or visitation that God shal send.

23 q God doeth not afflict man aboue measure, so that he shulde haue occasion to contend with him.

24 r For all his creatures are at hand to serue him. so that he nedeth not to seke for anie other armie.

25 t Declare the things that were hid.

30 y When tyrants sit in the throne of justice which vnder pretence of executing justice are but hypocrites & oppresse the people, it is a signe that God hathe drawen backe his countenance and sauour from that place.

30 ! By him the hypocrite reigneth.

31 z Onely it belongeth to God to moderate his corrections, & not vnto man.

32 a Thus Elihu speaketh in the persone of God, as it were mocking Job because he wolde be wiser then God.

33 c Thus he speaketh in the persone of God, as thogh Job shulde chuse & refuse affliction at his pleasure.

36 d That he may speake as muche as he can, that we may answer him & all the wicked that shal vse suche arguments.

37 e He standeth stubbernly in the maintenance of his cause.