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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 20

1 ! Zophar sheweth, that the wicked and the couetous shal haue a shorte end

3 a He declareth that two things moued him to speake: to wit, because Job semed to touche him & because he thoght he had knowledge sufficient to confute him.

6 b His purpose is to proue Job to be a wicked man, & an hypocrite, because God punished him, and changed his prosperitie into aduersitie.

10 c Where as the father through ambition & tyrannie appressed the poore, the children through pouertie & miserie that seke fauour at the pore.

10 d So that the thing, which he hathe taken away by violence, shalbe restored againe by force.

11 e Meaning, that he shal cary nothing away with him, but his sinne.

12 f As poyson that is swete in the mouthe bringeth destruction, when it cometh into the body: so all vice at the first is pleasant, but afterward God turneth it to destruction.

16 g We compareth euil gotten goods to the venum of aspes, which serpent is moste dangerous: noting that Jobs great riches were not truly come by, & therefore God did plague him justely for the same.

17 h Thogh God giue to all other abundance of his blessings, yet he shal haue no parte thereof.

18 i That is, these raueners & spoilers of the poore shal enjoye their theft but for a time: for after God wil take it from them and cause them to make restitution, so that it is but an exchange.

22 l The wicked shal neuer be in rest: for one wicked man shal seke to destroy another.

22 ! Thogh for a time they florish.

23 m Some read, vpon his flesh, alluding to Job, whose flesh was smiten with a scabbe.

26 o All feare & sorow shal light vpon him, when he thinketh to escape.

26 p That is, fyre from heaven, or the fyre of Gods wrath.

28 q Meaning, the children of the wicked shal flowe like riuers and be dispersed in diuers places.

29 s Against God, thinking to excuse himselfe and to escape Gods hand.