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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 21

2 a Your diligent marking of my wordes shalbe to me a great consolation

4 b As thogh he wolde say, I do not talke with man, but with God, who wil not answer me & therefore my minde mest nedes by troubled.

5 c He chargeth them as thogh they were not able to comprehend this his feling of Gods judgement, & exhorteth them therefore to silence.

7 ! Job declareth how the prosperitie of the wicked maketh them proude.

7 d Job proueth against his aduersaries that God punisheth not straight waies the wicked, but of times giueth them long life, and prosperitie: so that we must not judge God juste or vnjust by the things that appeare to our eye.

11 e Thei haue score of children, lustie & helthful, & in these pointes he answereth to that which Zophar alledged before.

14 g Thei desire nothing more then to be exempt from all subjection that thei shulde be are to God: this Job sheweth his aduersaries, that if they reason onely by that which is sene by commune experience, the wicked that hate God, are better delt that all, then they that loue him.

16 h It is not their owne but God onely lendeth it vnto them.

16 ! Their destruction is at hand.

16 i God kepe me from their propsertie.

20 k When God recompenseth his wickednes he shal knowe that his prosperitie was but vanitie.

22 l Who sendeth to the wicked prosperitie, & punisheth the godlie.

23 ! None oght to be judged wicked for affliction, nether good for presperitie.

23 m Meaning, the wicked.

26 o As concerning their bodies: and this he speaketh according to the commune judgement.

28 p Thus thei called Jobs house in derision, concluding that it was destroyed because he was wicked.

29 q Which through long trauailing haue experience & tokens here of, to wit, that the wicked do prosper & the godlie liue in affliction.

30 r Thogh the wicked florish here, yet God wil punish him in the last day.

31 s Thogh men do flater him, and none dare reproue him in this worlde, yet death is a token that God wil bring him to an account.

33 t He shal be glad to lie in a slimie pit, which before colde not be content with a royal palace.

34 u Saying, that the just in his worlde haue prosperitie & the wicked aduersitie.