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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 19

4 b That is, I my self shal be punished for it, or you haue not yet confuted it.

6 c He brasteth out againe into his passions and declareth stil that his affliction cometh of God, thogh he be not able to fele the cause in himself.

9 e Meaning, his children and whatsoeuer was dere vnto him in this worlde.

10 f Which is pluckt vp, and hathe no more hope to grow.

15 h Mine houshold seruantes: by all these losses Job sheweth that touching the flesh he had great occasion to be moued.

20 k Besides these great losses & moste cruel vnkindenes, he was touched in his owne person as followeth.

21 m Seing I haue these just causes to complaine, condemne me not as an hypocrite, specially ye which shulde comfort me.

22 n Is it not ynough that God doeth punish me except you by reproches increase my sorowe?

22 o To se my body punished, except ye trouble my minde?

24 p He protesteth that notwithstanding his sore passions, his religion is pefite, & that he is not a blasphemer, as thei judged him.

25 q I do not so justifie myselfe before the worlde, but I knowe that I shal come before the great judge, who shalbe my deliuerer & Sauiour.

25 ! He assureth him selfe of the generall resurection.

26 r Herein Job declareth plainely that he had a ful hope, that bothe the soule and body shulde enjoye the presence of God in the last resurrection.

28 s Thogh his friends thoght that he was but persecuted of God for his sinnes, yet he declareth that there was a deper consideration: to wit, the rival of his faith & pacience, and so to be an example for others.

29 t God wil be reuenged of this hastie judgement, whereby you condemne me.